Our guests send us photos and videos of their good times at Camden House so we are featuring a sample below 

This video is Tik-Tok famous thanks to our lovely guest  Sophie Boreham August 2021

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg

Photos of local area by Dr Bilal, who took a well earned break from the front-line of the NHS during the pandemic in May 2021.

Glenfinnan from Bilal.jfif

Nevis skiing February 2022 - a few minutes from Camden House

Happy New Year 2022!

Guest Derek Scott took this beautiful photograph of the view from Camden House, early summer 2021

Our gorgeous guest Buddy had such a waggy tail he knocked a bauble off the tree. Dogs also have a lovely time at Camden House!

Photo of fire-pit and garden taken December 2021 by our guest, Denise.

Buddy the dog.jpeg