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About Us

The best times in the best place

                                      At Camden House we have 3 key objectives

                             1. To give our guests the best holiday experience

                             2. To ensure that we provide sustainable tourism

                             3. To support the local economy and community

                                                              Why book direct?

We offer loyalty discounts for returning guests, a discount for 7 nights or more  during the winter and a shorter 2 night minimum stay (compared to 3 if you book through any other site) 

We have worked in the emergency services (Fire and Ambulance Service) for  many years and have supported many people through some of the worst times in their lives. We therefore get immense satisfaction from providing a holiday experience to bring families and friends together to have some of their best times. This is really important to us so we work hard to provide a high quality holiday experience for our guests at all times. We are responsive and helpful.

We are passionate about our beautiful environment in the Great Glen of Scotland. We wholeheartedly support  the desire for Scotland to have sustainable tourism. We ask our guests to recycle  and provide facilities to make this as easy as possible. We have an eco heat-pump system to provide water and heating. We use sustainable, kiln-dried logs and LED light bulbs. We use environmentally friendly products including locally produced natural soaps with a refill system to avoid single use plastics where possible. We utilise solar energy to reduce the need for heating.

It is also important to us to support local communities by employing and promoting  local businesses to our guests. We employ a local gardener, laundry, window cleaner, cleaning company, and we use locally sourced toiletry products. Please note that the window cleaner will come towards the end of the month and the gardener will come when the weather allows, twice a month in summer. They won't be there for long if this coincides with your stay. The laundry is collected on Tuesdays from the trunk on the rear patio.

 We provide a guide for local tourist attractions, restaurants and shops to ensure that our guests also support the local community and economy as much as possible. We also promote local businesses on our Facebook page e.g. Nevis ski resort, local soap factory, local bike hire.

We welcome  guests who appreciate Scotland's natural beauty and who will enjoy a well-earned relaxing holiday at Camden House.

We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions that you have. Please contact us via the form at the bottom of the home page.

Helen and Michael Mason , Managing Directors

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