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Hot tub use requirements

You are welcome to use our hot tub at your own risk.  We don’t charge extra for the hot tub and it’s lovely to have after a day in the mountains, but it is also hard work keeping it maintained to the high standard that we require.  Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a lot of problems due to misuse so we’re now asking our guests to confirm that they will follow the instructions, so that we can continue to provide this facility for our guests.

We have a comprehensive monitoring system to clean, test and prepare the tub prior to each guest arrival. We have a chlorine dosing system in place, therefore whilst we require guests to test the levels prior to each use, and provide the equipment to do this, it is really for their own assurance.

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Camden House Hot Tub Rules

  • NO GLASS to be used anywhere near the hot tub – plastic glasses are in the utility room

  • Always clear snow off the cover before trying to open it

  • Please follow instructions to open and close the cover correctly

  • Always put the hot tub cover back on straight away after use and ensure the orange storm strap is clipped down at each end every time.

  • Please ALWAYS have a very quick shower before going in – deodorant, sun cream, fake-tan and moisturiser etc will leave a horrible looking film on the surface and whilst the sponges help, they do not eliminate this.

  •  Please make sure you remove all tissues from pockets as they can damage the filter and the water might start going cloudy.

  • Please do not add any form of aroma chemical, spa bomb etc. It causes cloudy water and leaves an unpleasant residue.

  • Please do not sit on the hot tub cover as it is only polystyrene may not hold a person’s weight.

  • The hot tub is for a maximum of 4 people at a time. Any more than this will cause the water to overflow and then it will have to be topped up (if it gets too low it could damage the hot tub)

  • Please do not jump in as it’s not safe, causes the water to be lost and results in the windows being covered in chorine staining water, which stops you from being able to see the mountains and forests.

  • Take care getting in and out! The bottom of the hot tub has seats and loungers moulded into it so please ensure your feet are wedged against one of these to secure your footing before you get in. It’s a long way down from the top step so you may find it easier to cock your leg over the side and get in that way!

  • Please be careful in icy and wet weather

  • The decking is open to the lane. There is no screening so you can enjoy the stunning view. However the neighbours do not like to view naked guests when they are passing so please always wear a swim suit! (Yes this did happen!)

  • We provide every guest with 2 towels but you might want to bring a hot tub towel , bath cap , bath-robe and flip flops as we don’t provide these.

  • We provide information in the house manual on how to operate the cover, temperature controls and check the chlorine levels, so please read these when you arrive for your holiday to make sure you keep the water in the best condition during your stay.

  •  We provide you with all chemicals to keep the water balanced and clean throughout your stay

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